Quite Mind Counseling

Psychotherapy is a unique experience. It can bring relief, insight and empowerment.  Self-discovery and gaining a deeper understanding of oneself is not always easy. It can be scary, painful and uncomfortable. It can also be the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself and the ones you love.

Jennifer LaCorte, LMFT of Quiet Mind CounselingJennifer LaCorte, MA MFT

I’m passionate about helping someone on their journey, & believe it’s an honor to bear witness to self-discovery. I think of my job as being a co-pilot, helping someone navigate through confusing, & at times, murky waters. Often, destructive behaviors & unhealthy relationships take over, and we lose sight of who we really are. If dysfunctional behaviors and relationships are preventing you from feeling happiness and living a satisfying, authentic life, it’s time to begin the work. You don’t have to do it alone.

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